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Mrs Orguc is a well-educated individual with extensive experience in digital media and social marketing as well as preparation of marketing content including social media posts, feed management, target audience analysis. She also developed numerous interpersonal skills including computer software, communication, marketing, customer services, work principals, and presentation techniques by attending trainings and obtaining certificates. From her professional experiences in corporate industry, Mrs Orguc has developed valuable technical skills and knowledge of digital media and has got great results while advertising services, products and businesses for right audiences on right platforms. Using these qualities, she will be able to provide target customers with high quality and complete services.

Mrs Orguc aims to handle complete advertising of a new product or a brand from creating their social media accounts, preparation of the digital marketing material including images and texts and serving those material to the target audience on related platforms. By doing this, she will be combining her digital marketing experience alongside her social media management and target audience analysis skills and experiences. By using her services, target customers will reach their target audience and create an effective marketing method that is delivered to correct individuals and organisations.

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